Saturday, August 11, 2007

And then there was something...

Looking out the window all day Friday, I must say that I was not really looking forward to heading out to brave the rain on a cold night. As it turns out, we were in luck; there was no rain to be had!! As you can see, we are all smiles and sunshine. Who would have that would happen after such a dark afternoon? The first session with Ndidi, The Campbell Bros. and The African Guitar Summit was awesome. I have never seen a performer dance all the way to the back to try and get people to stand....and unbelievably, there were still people sitting down....SHAME! There isn't much on main stage...that is what I thought when I read the program. But I loved it all. Even though the night ended in the sub zero temperatures, cuddling on the tarp listening to sweet Blue Rodeo melodies was excellent. I asked Van, "what do you want Blue Rodeo to play?" which the response was, "their set." So for a night that looked like not much, music and weather wise, it turned out to be something. I guess that is one of the things that I like about Folkfest. See you on the hill, rockstars.


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