Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting the Hype Going

Well another year has almost passed and the days of July are melting away...literally with the heat that we have been having. Soon another year will be put into the books; celebrated with tarps, friends and sweet melodies. I was surfing through the Folkfest site as I was told that this year there would be a number of must see small name acts. I found two that stood out with me and wanted to pass them along.

(Bios Care of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival)
Justin Rutledge (ON) at just 26, Justin has already come to understand the punk rockers and the classic country balladeers. His music seems to be drawn out of the life of a well-traveled, wise old man who still retains the gentleness and romance that belongs only to the young and pure of heart.

I found a video of him and Jim Cuddy on Google Video..if he is good enough for Jim, he is good for me.

Ndidi Onukwulu (ON) is first and foremost a blues singer. From the jazzy bounce of "Horn Blower" to the hard rockin' punch of "Hey There" to the drum and voice gospel wail of "This May be the Last Time", she is steeped in the blues and talented enough to make you feel it. Madagascar Slim will be performing with Ndidi this year.

Loved It! Can't wait to see you all....sippin' in the sweet time of August.
All good things,
The Ref


At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Hill Nannie said...

I don't remember how to post these things (I'll figure it out by tomorrow, don't worry), but thought y'all should know - they've now got the full program (including small stages) up on the FF website. I'm not sure how long it's been up, but I know it wasn't there last time I checked. Have at 'er folks!!


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