Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday Night Songs and Storms...

This was the scene at Stage 6 during "A Sense of Wonder," which included Jim Byrnes, Harry Manx, Amos Lee, and Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo. I'm sooooo looking forward to the Amos Lee concert tomorrow.

The day was great. Sunny. Bright. And a program full of concerts to see. Highlights of the Saturday sessions included Amos Lee, et al, Danu, and Alejandro Escovedo.

The rain definitely began to put a damper on the afternoon/early evening. The tarp cocoon was genius... especially at the beginning. But, eventually, the rain overtook us. Every wrong move sent water spilling into the cocoon. Refuge was sought in the beer tent but that attempt was less than successful as we were not the only ones with that thought in mind. Toughed it out there for a while, then staggered up the hill, dodging slow walkers and mud traps.

My favs on mainstage were Ruthie Foster, Ricard Lemvo and Makina Loca, and Mavis Staples. All fantastic. It was great watching some of the Core posse dance away to Mavis's tunes. Great was when Mavis referred to Beyonce as a dingbat... but that was okay since she put some of Mavis's songs on her set-list and Mavis was going to make her pay.

Trudging back to the car proved to be a damper endeavour than we had thought possible. The storm seemed to know that we were crapping out on the night and decided to hammer the rain at us. The drive home (as I was very graciously given a ride home - thank you again!) became fantastically amusing as the Maestro shouted at the idiots standing in line at Hudson's in the pouring rain to go home, that it was just a bar and he would give them $10 for a case. haha.

Now, damp but not chilled to the bone... I've done my nightly recap. Time for socks and a good night's sleep. There's more Folk Fest fun to be had tomorrow!


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