Saturday, August 06, 2005


Well I must say that I was sad to miss yesterday as the report was wonderful and it appears that everyone had a wonderful time. Shout out to Kenna and her bar call which was a fabulous affair. It was even worth missing folkfest for!!!

Now today. First let me report one yellow card distributed to the Tarp Nazi for being late to lay the tarp. (His name was revoked and he was banised to being the pee-on for the day) The Reverend did unreal with his tarp placement today. SUCH A GREAT JOB! I gave the pee-on a red card for the emergency blanket he was wrapped in. The people sitting behind us were rolling on the grass laughing at me....all I could hear was "No, she has real yellow and red cards trust me "lol.

My present of the cards from the Hill Nanny made my day. They were absolutely perfect.

I loved Ruthie Foster despite the rain. We were tucked into our tarp burrito. (The Maestro conducted us almost effortlessly into our rain positions. After a day of sun and a long night of wine drinking, we bailed early in order to get out of the rain and sleep......sweet slumber. I need to sleep.

One more shout out. are too cute for words.

rain, rain go away....don't come back and ruin our play...

The Ref


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