Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Friday Sky...

friday night lights... Posted by Picasa

Again, a good night on the hill... Accompanied by a great display of the Northern Lights, Steve Earle played a great set. To be expected.

Lila Downs was a nice surprise. Good dinner music. A solid folk fest act.

Shooglenifty was interesting, although I think that they have one of the strangest names that I have heard. But, hey, who's complaining...? They also put on quite the show, granted I spent more time with the Nanny glaring at the wannabe Irish dancer, or whatever dance stylings that she was attempting, who was hopping and crossing like it was going out of style. Did I mention that she was right in front of us?? Get outta my way!

~ The Biz*
*pending Core confirmation


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