Monday, August 09, 2004

Folk Fest CD

I am going to create a CD based on this years performances. If you would like a copy, please comment here and leave your name.

I also plan on doing a set of cd's based on the 25 year history of the festival. This will of course be a larger set, and will take some time. Lemme know if you want one of these, as well.


Four strong winds

One of these things, is not like the other. One on these things is not the same. Is Tarp Nazi passing gas?

Missssterrrr Anderrrson...

Rockin the suburbs, just like Michael Jackson did.

...but his eyes say YES!

This would have been the artistic shot of the night, if Linesman could follow instructions and star off into the distance. Savage.

Sunday Night Gang II

The Clarks, and friends. Look behind them, though. Where has the Tap Nazi's hand gone? I am just saying...

Sunday Night Gang

Hey sugar...

This one is for the ladies...

The Hump Back

Look at Chris Robb trying to molest me!

Late Arrivals

Marty and Gord, looking so serious. Look at Gord Zoolander there. Is that Blue Steel, La Tigra, or Magnum?


When did Ryan Adams get here? And when did he put on all those pounds? If i was the Ref, I would have dinged linesman for that rotten CBC button. That is one penny of my tax dollars gone down the tube! I could have used that to buy a blue whale or something!

Stupid Al Simmons

The umbrella party in full swing.

Grimace and bear it

Trapper Dan and Ref doings something that was apparently painful for both of them.

Day 4

Pretty much says it all.

And you may ask yourself...

Why this post is so short. You may ask yourself, will he give us any pictures?

The answer, my friends, is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind.


No. I am too tired tonight. I will post a bunch of stuff tomorrow, and then work over the next two weeks to add members and fill out the posts.

"Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground."
-David Byrne

25 and fondly remembered

Well, what can I say?!? I had such a great weekend. I can't think of trying to explain this to people. Yes, we sit on a hill for four days, yes it was freezing, but yes it was worth it. When the final note plays on Four Strong Winds, I must say I feel a little sad; perhaps the end of summer, perhaps the end of the weekend.

I laughed so much, thank you team. Today was an amazing session day. I really enjoyed first session with Genticorum and the Scottish man (too tired to look name up) and the session with Bobby Cameron, The Paperboys and Jim (too tired to remember last name). Had a good time with the tarp Mom and Dad at dinner and with Chris and Bruce in the afternoon. (I know that these two will be lifers.)

Nanny: For being my tarp running buddy, my morning session company
Maestro: Thanks for warm clothes yesterday and dancing that kept me laughing tonight
Tarp Nazi: For laughs, and scoping
Plate Fuhrer: For Trail mix and purple-sky-mind (I love the color of sky in your world)
Disk Diva: For picking me and my timmy (Horton's that is!!) and for being a trooper
Trapper Dan: sno cone delights and spirit of the west rockin'
Kev: A great second folk fest , fun to watch play with R. during Spirit of the West
Linesman: Morning hugs and a great dance
Snack Slut: Big smile and great snacks!
Chris: For joining the team and for crazy beats with David Burne
Bruce: Rockin' afternoon sessions and tropical nuts treats
The Reverend: Missed you this year
Rogerson: Thanks for the cuddle and the heat on Sat. night
Tarp Tot: Great to have you in Etown
Tarp Mom and Dad: Great dinner dates and tarp visits (two days....maybe next year it will be three ;) )
and all the others who spun by made it a great weekend.

It is time for some sweet sleep. Another great folk fest.
Sweet Dreams Peacemakers
The Ref

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Like what, maaaan!?

Learning to deal with various things and what not.

The other culprit

Snack Slut recieves her yellow card for said "extra curricular activities". Ref is all business.

Shoulda behaved!

The Linesman recieves a yellow card from Ref for his "extra-curricular activities" the night before.

Hey ladies!!!

Is that the lead singer of Phish?

Who is that beardy weirdy talking to Ref? Oh, just Bendall.

A sighting by Nanny

Hello, baby Jesus.

Those eyes are full of lust!

Looks like Ref has a secret admirer!

Soggy Bottom Boy

Dobro playing was amazing. Thought it would be highlight of the night, but Natalie Merchant was scrumtrulescent.

Nany and Tarp Tot

Rockin Out!!!

Ref knocked out

Let the napping begin.

Knitting Nanny

Hill Nanny doing what she does like her mom, the Hill Fairy.

His hands were everywhere!


Are you asking me for my plate?

The plate fuhrer...

Wise words from Woody...

K, have to explain this. Woody Guthrie, the All-Father of Folk, used to have "This Guitar Kills Fascists" on his guitar. Hence tarp signage. Maestro is brilliant. Hill Nanny, who did all the work, also brilliant. Maestro love Hill Nanny!!!

Day Three

Very little comments tonight. Just pictures. Too tired. Face hot, feel sickness approaching. Glorious day, despite weather. Much love.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

From last night...

Trapper Dan arrives, with last years catch in tow.

Queer is Folk

This is the man I am going to spend the next 48 hours with.

Day Two

First let me say that the hill Nanny did a great job on the pictures and comments for the day. You are the bomb baby!! Highlights from yesterday totally include dancing with the kids, surprise visit from Chris and Bruce, no rain (despite 70% chance of it) but the BEST
was ......sweet .....sweet Michael Franti.

He got the whole hill rockin'. I think that there may even be a disk purchase today.I really liked the song "Time to Go Home". Great tune. Well, on only 6 hours of sleep, I am back on my way. Today looks cold but for any less of a folk troupe that would be an issue. The Core stands strong.

Power to the Peacemakers,
The Ref
ps-I do look that troubled after a foul....take my word for it ;)

A Warning

Yes. Just trust me when I say, don't risk the wrath of the Ref. No matter how much fun it is, the hill infraction you are contemplating is just not worth it. DON'T DO IT!!

Hill Nanny

When I'm up I can't get....

Enter the new generation. These kids were so much fun - dancing and singing along to Great Big Sea. I have no idea who/whose they are, but that's the great thing about the Folk Fest!

Hill Nanny

Where did you get those shoes?

There's magic in the air... and in Chris' hat, Cheri's shoes and the Linesman's watch. What are they - Charlie's Angels?

Hill Nanny

Hello? About that blog...

Don't let the angelic smile fool you - this is the Disc Diva in the midst of berating the Maestro for some (potentially) inadvisable comments posted earlier in this very venue.

Hill Nanny

Another contender

Pardon me, I could have sworn this cherubic resident wasn't a "tarp person" - give me a break!! Deal with it - you're one of us now... Really, it's not that bad - plenty of snacks and a built-in workout program. (The real reason the Hill Nanny loves it so much - exercise!)

And he came from the south

The rookie returns - the fresh-faced young lad on the left (listening to Sheamus... still...) is none other than the commitment-prone newbie mentioned below by the Maestro. Great to have you with us - some beers, some good times!

Hill Nanny

The manhunt begins...

Where is everyone???
This is the vision that greeted me upon my arrival (and upon several vain returns to the home base!)... I finally found - everybody - after more than an hour wandering the paths of the Folk Fest on my own. Nothing like a nice piece of real estate to ease the pain, though!

Hill Nanny

Friday, August 06, 2004

Great News...

Maestro has just recieved a call from Nathan Muhly, calling from Calgary. Nathan will be heading up to join us this evening. Apparently, he had bought a 4 day pass, but just couldn't get out of work a day early.

Now Maestro had not placed Nathan on the Core list, because he has only been on our tarp once. It was last year, and only for two days. Nathan did attend the Calgary Festival with Hill Nanny and myself, however, and he is driving up just for this occasion. A temporary name was given to him last year ("The Rookie") but at the end of this weekend, Maestro believes the Core will have to make him a full fledged member, and give him a proper Hill name. Let us wait and see what the Hill spirits tell us.

Day One Thoughts

A great night.....
It is funny I don't think there ever has been a bad day on the hill but I always find something about the Thursday of Folk Fest. There is little to no coordination that takes place leading up to Folk Fest and by the end of the night, all the people who should be on the tarp are there. The Core. Sort of an eclectic group of people who for one weekend become like a family. We all have our roles (See names...they give a pretty good indication) and it just fits.

Things that I am thankful for:
  • The Disk Diva being able to read the night rain on this princess!
  • The Tarp Mom and Dad being my mom and dad.
  • Snack run by Andy and Shaemus:yummmm......gummy bears.
  • Sweet Trad with Ed and Randy.
  • Rodney Crowell and the Dixie Hummingbirds (Fav Acts of the Night).

I am ready for another great day.

The Ref

Last but not least...

And that is me, The Maestro. I will come up with the name Diogenes here, which is my name on another blog. But really I am The Maestro. Really. So Rodney Crowell rocked, and it poured like a mo-fo. Crowell was amazing. He did this back to back set about twins he grew up with, one who got AIDS and the other who was homophobic. Each song was from their perspective. It was spectacular. The songwriting was great, the band was in-sync (not N'Sync) and the lead guitarist was ripping shit up like it was his last night on earth. In sum, a greaaaaat first night that is only going to get better. Only wish the Reverend was here this year.

Night Shot

What kills me is these pictures look great until they are uploaded. Then they look fuzzy and out of focus. I may need to play around. Anyways, Garnet Rogers was okay (Hill Nanny really liked him). He had some weird Edge from U2 reverb thing going on with the guitar, which leaves me confused as to why the U2-hater Nanny liked him. Anyway, Linesman and I went and smoked a Djarum at the top of the Hill. Sweet cloves.

Even more introductions...

The Linesman and a newbie to the Hill, Sherri. You shoulda been Go-one!!! (Note brilliant use of Steve Perry 80's classic)

Plan B... Giver

Hill Ref and Disc Diva apparently like to RAWK!!! Was this after Hawksley or after some Gummy Bears? I don't really know.

More Introductions

The Hill Nanny strutting her stuff.

Smoke On The Water

It was a hazy night. The rain held off until the very end. Then we got soaked. BTW, Dixie Hummingbirds were great, and Hawksley rocked. The crowd was very impressed. I imagine his CD's will disappear from the tent (wonder if people know you can get it at Best Buy or A&B for like 10 bucks?).


The Disc Diva and the Tarp Nazi smiling for the camera. We sooo pretty!!!


To introduce the crew: That is Hill Ref on the left, looking down. That is Mom and Dad behind her, also looking down. What the F&%! were they looking at? That is the Disc Diva, staring at the camera, and the Tarp Nazi staring at her (*Note* This has been edited).

It begins anew...

Day 1: A great night overall. The lineup was awesome, the weather was great, and it was nice to be back with The Core. I will post about the Calgary Folk Fest another time, but let's just say it was nice to be back where people are nice to each other. I am not going to lie; I didn't even hear Jaojoby, the first band. Too busy getting set up, chatting it up, and getting some food. I must say, the lack of a Chicken Caesar Pita was disheartening to me. I had to settle for an Italian Sandwich. Good thing it was awesome!

This Tarp Kills Facists

This is the blog of a group of Folkies known simply as "The Core." The members of The Core are as follows:

Vanessa Ogilvy-The Hill Nanny
Karen Wichuk-The Disc Diva
Heather Clark-The Hill Ref
Danica Clark- Trapper Dan/Tarp Tart
Randy Boissonault-The Tarp Nazi
Edmund (add the last name later cuz I always spell it wrong)- The Plate Fuhrer
Kevin P. Kimmis-The Reverend Heatstroke
Sheamus Murphy-The Linesman
Andy Grabia-The Maestro

As well, Mr. and Mrs. Clark are Honorary members of The Core, known simply to the group as Mom and Dad.

My hope is that eventually all of us will be members on this blog, and will provide to you, our loyal readers, a very fine tale of wonder and woe. Except without the woe, and with lots of music!!! See you on the Hill!

The Maestro