Friday, August 06, 2004

Great News...

Maestro has just recieved a call from Nathan Muhly, calling from Calgary. Nathan will be heading up to join us this evening. Apparently, he had bought a 4 day pass, but just couldn't get out of work a day early.

Now Maestro had not placed Nathan on the Core list, because he has only been on our tarp once. It was last year, and only for two days. Nathan did attend the Calgary Festival with Hill Nanny and myself, however, and he is driving up just for this occasion. A temporary name was given to him last year ("The Rookie") but at the end of this weekend, Maestro believes the Core will have to make him a full fledged member, and give him a proper Hill name. Let us wait and see what the Hill spirits tell us.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Hill Nanny said...

I have to commend the efforts of the "Rookie" - travelling to another city for a folk fest is the sort of thing only (slightly nerdy) die-hards tend to do and bodes quite well for his induction into the Core. I only hope Deaner realizes that he has set a precedent to which he will be held!

Welcome back to the tarp...


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