Friday, August 06, 2004

Last but not least...

And that is me, The Maestro. I will come up with the name Diogenes here, which is my name on another blog. But really I am The Maestro. Really. So Rodney Crowell rocked, and it poured like a mo-fo. Crowell was amazing. He did this back to back set about twins he grew up with, one who got AIDS and the other who was homophobic. Each song was from their perspective. It was spectacular. The songwriting was great, the band was in-sync (not N'Sync) and the lead guitarist was ripping shit up like it was his last night on earth. In sum, a greaaaaat first night that is only going to get better. Only wish the Reverend was here this year.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You won't miss me passin' out on Sunday at least. And I doubt you'll miss me at all -- I'd probably be in a pissy mood. But I promise to come back fat, sunburned and surly so it's like I was there the whole time.

The Right Honourable
Reverend Heatstroke


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