Monday, August 09, 2004

25 and fondly remembered

Well, what can I say?!? I had such a great weekend. I can't think of trying to explain this to people. Yes, we sit on a hill for four days, yes it was freezing, but yes it was worth it. When the final note plays on Four Strong Winds, I must say I feel a little sad; perhaps the end of summer, perhaps the end of the weekend.

I laughed so much, thank you team. Today was an amazing session day. I really enjoyed first session with Genticorum and the Scottish man (too tired to look name up) and the session with Bobby Cameron, The Paperboys and Jim (too tired to remember last name). Had a good time with the tarp Mom and Dad at dinner and with Chris and Bruce in the afternoon. (I know that these two will be lifers.)

Nanny: For being my tarp running buddy, my morning session company
Maestro: Thanks for warm clothes yesterday and dancing that kept me laughing tonight
Tarp Nazi: For laughs, and scoping
Plate Fuhrer: For Trail mix and purple-sky-mind (I love the color of sky in your world)
Disk Diva: For picking me and my timmy (Horton's that is!!) and for being a trooper
Trapper Dan: sno cone delights and spirit of the west rockin'
Kev: A great second folk fest , fun to watch play with R. during Spirit of the West
Linesman: Morning hugs and a great dance
Snack Slut: Big smile and great snacks!
Chris: For joining the team and for crazy beats with David Burne
Bruce: Rockin' afternoon sessions and tropical nuts treats
The Reverend: Missed you this year
Rogerson: Thanks for the cuddle and the heat on Sat. night
Tarp Tot: Great to have you in Etown
Tarp Mom and Dad: Great dinner dates and tarp visits (two days....maybe next year it will be three ;) )
and all the others who spun by made it a great weekend.

It is time for some sweet sleep. Another great folk fest.
Sweet Dreams Peacemakers
The Ref


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