Friday, August 06, 2004

This Tarp Kills Facists

This is the blog of a group of Folkies known simply as "The Core." The members of The Core are as follows:

Vanessa Ogilvy-The Hill Nanny
Karen Wichuk-The Disc Diva
Heather Clark-The Hill Ref
Danica Clark- Trapper Dan/Tarp Tart
Randy Boissonault-The Tarp Nazi
Edmund (add the last name later cuz I always spell it wrong)- The Plate Fuhrer
Kevin P. Kimmis-The Reverend Heatstroke
Sheamus Murphy-The Linesman
Andy Grabia-The Maestro

As well, Mr. and Mrs. Clark are Honorary members of The Core, known simply to the group as Mom and Dad.

My hope is that eventually all of us will be members on this blog, and will provide to you, our loyal readers, a very fine tale of wonder and woe. Except without the woe, and with lots of music!!! See you on the Hill!

The Maestro


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a wicked pic of E-town skyline, too bad it was grey days up until Sunday aft.



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