Sunday, August 13, 2006

In The Key Of Been There Done That

It is 2:38, and I have to get up in less than six hours, so this will be brief.

• David Gray was amazing. He and his band stormed out, took over the Hill, and played their asses off. No chit chat, no screw ups. Perfect sound, perfect emotion, perfect result. He played songs from every album. Highlights were "Please Forgive Me," and "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye." He entered my Top Folk Fest Performances list, with a bullet.

• The hail storm was really a shit storm (as Mr. Lahey would say), but we made it. Somehow, I didn't get a single drop of water on me.

• I did not enjoy any of the sessions I went to today. They set up Stage 1 three different times for the Blues Session, and the bands didn't even play together. K'Naan played the same songs he played on the mainstage. And Sarah Harmer didn't even know what key one of her own songs was in. But that didn't stop her from asking others to join in, and then teasing them when they couldn't figure it out. Ridiculous. Thankfully, the mainstage acts made up for things.

• Gospel session at 12:30 Sunday, baby! Oooh, yeah! Blind Boys and Linda Tillery and the CHC. Bam. That just happened. Shake and bake.

I think I'll do some full day rundowns once the festival is over, but it is just impossible to do so now. You are on the Hill all day, and there is very little turnaround before you have to get back. Really, it is difficult to do this blog the justice it deserves--with daily content and thoughts--unless we bring a computer on site with us. And I sure the hell ain't doing that. It would be like bringing a cell phone into a Church. So we'll just keep doing what we are doing, try and add some stuff later, and hope it is enough.


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