Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday Night

I have said it once, I will say it a million the end of the night everyone was we all manage to find eachother and just sort of fall into the old patterns make me smile.
Highlights of the night..
1) Knitting conversation with The Nanny (I will send it with Danica feel free to finsih off the scarf)
2) Sitting in the Beer tent with Trapper Dan,the Linesman and the Reverend.
3) Catching up with the Tarp Nazi
4) Watching Trapper Dan and Christine get their fix
5) Trapper Dan singing Broadway all the way home.
6) Maestro's shoes...enough said

and the onion cakes.....who can overlook the green onion cakes.
Please, everyone look out on the hill today for infractions. I won't be there but know that I have insiders, watching your every move. They will know if you get out of hand (*ahem...linesman) As for "The Biz"- catchy....Trapper Dan has my proxy vote for that. We need to get on the other names. I trust that I leave them in good hands.
See you on Saturday you crazy Cats!
The Ref


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Aaron J said...

Browsing the internet from in this cafe I came across the folk blog and damn...Ryan Adams!? The man has been keeping me afloat in many ways, just learned Harder Now That It's Over - perfect for these rainy Freetown nights. The rains down in Africa?: I woke up this morning to an incredible downpour and thought that maybe it would flood the streets again and let me stay in bed. No such luck, I could get to work after all! Glad you're all having a blast, my musical friends.


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