Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Another quintessential Canadian video. Don't it look romantic? Except we all know they probably froze their asses off shooting it.

Ditto for this one.

If this doesn't send shivers up your spine, you are dead inside. Dead!

Here's someone's recording from this year's FF show. The band is playing the first single, "C'mon," off their next album Small Miracles, which hits stores September 25th. I actually prefer the song off the new album that Greg played, which I believe was/is called "Small Miracles."


A bit of the Jim Cuddy Dance, in the Jim Cuddy pants. And watch for the glass breaking shot. Noo! Not the glass!!!

Martin Sexton

Here's Martin Sexton at a session this year, doing his best Louis Prima. At least that's what it sounds like to me. He's no Mary Margaret O'Hara, mind you, but he ain't half-bad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jim Cuddy & Friends

Here's Jim Cuddy and Justin Rutledge doing Blue Rodeo's "Bad Timing" at a show in Ontario. They played together at one of the Saturday sessions as well (Rutledge toured with Cuddy this past year), which was a delight.

And here's a song Cuddy did at that same session, called "Married Again." The only difference is that he didn't have the beautiful and amazing Kathleen Edwards to help him out in Edmonton. Sigh. She's so dreamy. Actually, so is he. Sigh.

The Extruded Plastic Dingus

Van was obsessed with hula-hoops all weekend. This picture of Aaron with Captain Jack Sparrow and his tools in the background made me giggle, and I know it will set her off on another tirade.

Questions: What if you tire before it's done? Does it have rules? Can more than one play? What makes you think it's a game? Is it a game? Will it break? It better break eventually! Is there an object? What if you tire before it's done? Does it come with batteries? We could charge extra for them. Is it safe for toddlers? How can you tell when you're finished? How do you make it stop? Is that a boy's model? Can a parent assemble it? Is there a larger model for the obese? What if you tire before it's done? What the hell is it?

Answer: It's the The Extruded Plastic Dingus. You know, for kids!


I put together a slideshow of the Folk Fest weekend with music and everything, but it looks stinktastic on both YouTube and Google Video. So I'll have to start from scratch. Actually, I think I'll just put the pics up on Facebook, and maybe do a summary post on here.

***Update*** Pics are up on Facebook.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Michael Franti & Spearhead in Vancouver

These pics aren't from the Folk Fest, but they are of Michael Franti. I figured that was good enough for some of his more...enraptured fans. I wonder if they did the Sublime/Muppets/Sesame Street medley?

All pictures taken by Erin Loxam.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weeeeeee Were Lovers In A Dangerous Time

This one is for Aish, Shea, Cam, Van, Nate, and all those who heard my nightly singing on the way back to the car. Note what they are selling in the record store at the end of the video: the Yellow Tape! Oh, how I wish I had a copy of that tape.

Bonus: Weekends. I prefer the weekends!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

And then there was something...

Looking out the window all day Friday, I must say that I was not really looking forward to heading out to brave the rain on a cold night. As it turns out, we were in luck; there was no rain to be had!! As you can see, we are all smiles and sunshine. Who would have that would happen after such a dark afternoon? The first session with Ndidi, The Campbell Bros. and The African Guitar Summit was awesome. I have never seen a performer dance all the way to the back to try and get people to stand....and unbelievably, there were still people sitting down....SHAME! There isn't much on main stage...that is what I thought when I read the program. But I loved it all. Even though the night ended in the sub zero temperatures, cuddling on the tarp listening to sweet Blue Rodeo melodies was excellent. I asked Van, "what do you want Blue Rodeo to play?" which the response was, "their set." So for a night that looked like not much, music and weather wise, it turned out to be something. I guess that is one of the things that I like about Folkfest. See you on the hill, rockstars.

Friday, August 10, 2007

From A Distance

Good night last night. Rain held off, got to catch up with the peeps, and some solid tuneage was pumped out by Ralph Stanley, City & Colour and Nanci Griffith. I also got to partake in my favorite activity, which is taking skyline pictures of the city of Edmonton. I'm going to whisper sweet nothings to the sky today so that the rain holds off again. Sky, baby, you look so beautiful today. Let daddy take care of you, sugar. Save your tears for another day.

Not a ton of pictures otherwise. Totally forgot, to be honest. But no worries! Blue Rodeo tonight. Can I get a, "f***k yeah!"*

Ooh, and I just realized last night that James Hunter is playing the mainstage Saturday night. He's fantastic. Don't know how I missed his name, to be honest. But he's gonna rock me like a hurricane. A succulent, blue-eyed soul hurricane, that is.

Let's get 'er going.

*Edited for old people who don't like swear words.

The Mad Dash

Here are a couple quick pics of Nate, Van and I from the Calgary Folk Fest. We left Hinton at 1:00, and were in Calgary by 6:30. We rode the beautiful Cowboy Trail, and yes, before you ask, I am an awesome driver. We got to see The Sadies, City & Colour, and Rufus Wainwright on a perfect night in Cowtown (if such a thing can exist in Calgary). Exhausting, but a great day.

Nate of the Angels

Sexy Sadie

Big Daddy Soul

The other sexy Sadies

My terrible pic of Rufus Wainwright in lederhosen. We didn't get to hear "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" or "Rebel Prince", but he did bust out a solo piano performance of "Hallelujah" during the encore, so all was forgiven.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What A Wonderful Night

First let me say that the rain held off which was AWESOME!!! And we had a wonderful Jasper girls reunion...we were sad to not have Sarah there. Had a great visit with Vanessa on the tarp and a quick hello with the rest of the gang. Can't wait for the rest of the weekend.