Sunday, August 13, 2006

what a wonderful day....

Well...I must say when I woke to sunshine I was rather pleased. I feel like we put enough time in with the weather gods and it was time to see the fruits of our sacrifice. The morning started off with a little trip to Timmies with Cam and a wonderful morning session. It was called "peaks and valleys" and I loved it. Lynn Miles was a great new find as well as Michael Joseph...not to be confused with Martin Joseph....but still good. They were on stage with the Wallin' Jennys whose harmonies made me shiver. It was great. Cam and I then braves that World on A String session only to sit through a ten minute sitar song....not my pick but I still did enjoy it...that is until the hail storm.

The afternoon session that I most loved was Lennie Gallant. Perhaps the man is ready to graduate to a mainstage spot. He is great and plays to a wide range of people. I had some great sister time which was amazing.

For dinner, I would recommend the Butter Chicken and ribs from Sunterra...delightful. Off to the beer tent to catch up with great friends.

The main stage was great tonight but by far the highlight of the day was David Gray. I said it on the hill and I will say it again....that man could sing me to sleep any night....sweet, sweet candy.

Well the knee did not fair well today. I feel like an eighty year old lady. I should give myself a yellow card for the ridiculous limp that I seem to have caught. I am hoping some Percocet and ice will make me less....aged tomorrow. I have amazing friends who take good care of me though.

Nite peacemakers.
The Ref


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