Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday in the Rain

Van and Janna modelling their rubbers!

Gracie...and her Folk Fest Christening

Andy and Cam evaluating their rig...Mark doing the pose down!

My Cousins surviving their First folk Fest with Smiles and Kettle Corn

Well....the first day of Folk Fest in the rain demands far more coordination than normal. I couldn't believe how prepared Andy's tarp was...hats off! I had the usual Tarp Quesadilla which seemed to work alright. I had a blast as it was a full family tarp. Uncle, Aunt,, in law...GRACIE!!! It was great to see family and friends and survive the weather together. I am pretty impressed at the fortitude of my family. Who knew newbies could be so ready to ROCK!
Here are some of my fav pics
The Ref


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