Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Core Encore...

Yes, this is ridiculously overdue... but better late, than never.

This year's Folk Fest was an absolutely fabulous time. I appreciated the welcome on to the tarp. The time with friends. Some of whom I only see this one weekend each year. There were also the random and chance encounters with old friends. Welcome, as well.

The highlights from Sunday's Folk Fest were, for me, the side stage performances of Alexi Murdoch and Amos Lee. Phenomenal, both.

I had been looking forward to Alexi Murdoch's Orange Sky since the weekend had begun. It was well worth the wait.

Following Alexi, I was finally able to see the Amos Lee concert that I had marked down as soon as his Folk Fest inclusion was announced. Shivers. I managed to weasle my way close to the stage and had a great view of the show.

Back to the beer tent, then the tarp for this girl.

Time on the tarp turned into another M & Ms commercial soon enough. This snack will be a staple for all Folk Fests, I think.

Everyone else has already talked about how unimpressed they were with the Ryan Adams set. So, I won't get into that whole diatribe. I will go on the record as thinking that I could have deleted that 30 minutes from the weekend and not have been worse off.

At this point, I ended up heading out. Off to the Foo Fighters concert.

I had a blast though. A great weekend... one that I can hardly wait to revisit next year. Albeit maybe with a bit more foresight and a holiday day taken on Monday.

And a few photos to say goodbye...


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