Thursday, August 04, 2005

Folk Fest Prediction

My early guess is that Amos Lee will be the artist that everyone leaves the Hill talking about this year. Last year in Calgary it was the North Mississippi All Stars, and I will never forget the buzz that Eric Bibb created in 2000.

It seems like I have been going to these things forever, but I realized today that this will only be my 4th year. I started in 2000, but missed the 2001 show. I have also been to two Folk Fests in Calgary, though, which I hope will assuage the Folk Fanatics, Ref and Nanny, who I think have been attending these things for around fifteen years.

I am going to add some others to the list, and see if they will contribute this year. I also want to spend more time on this blog throughout the year, branching out to talk about other shows. For example, Nanny, Rookie and myself will be attending the North Mississippi All Stars show in Calgary on August 15th, and Eric Bibb and The Heritage Choir are playing the Arden in the winter. I feel like I should report on these shows as well.

See you on the Hill,



At 12:08 AM, Blogger The Ref said...

Ruthie will be here in October as well....sweet sweet lullaby


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