Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's Raining...

... Yeah, that's it - it's raining. I christened my new lilac, translucent rubber boots (great traction, waterproof and you could sorta see my carebear socks through the toes). I think I'd have been OK with having to wait to christen them, but it's Folk Fest, so what can you do? It's raining, so you dress in rubber and just Deal.

There is something about the misery of cold, rain and desperate grasps for the rope "railing" as you head up the hill that throws me back (sometimes more forcefully than I'd like) to the first few Folk Fests I went to - for every single one the weather would be reliably wretched until about 2pm on Sunday when the sun would come out and the grass/mud slop at the bottom of the hill would begin the rapid decay process and the hot aroma of rotting vegetation would overtake the warm, soothing scent of mini doughnuts and curry.

Back then (we're talking a solid decade or more) I was a young pup and the rain and cold were the test that made me a hardcore folkie and toughing them made me belong. I'm older now. Now it just sucks.

The good news is, the music we did see certainly made it worth it: Susan Tedeschi wailed on the Rock n' Blues stage and actually stopped us in our tracks when she took the mainstage (I confess - we were already on our way out at that point). The Holmes Brothers' concert that followed the Rock n' Blues stage was also great. They were one of my top picks heading into the weekend and I, for one, was not disappointed (shameful that they didn't get a mainstage spot, but I'll give Terry W the benefit of the doubt for both them and Teddy Thompson [check him out!] that they just couldn't make the scheduling work).

On the (admittedly wimpy, early) trek back to the car, we were noting that if the weather had been drier (we can work with cold, if it's a dry cold) we'd have been really pumped to see the Neville Brothers and definitely Hawksley Workman, but something about having soaking socks and undies can really dampen your thirst for music you wouldn't normally listen to. There was more than one comment that perhaps we should just return home and crank up our Hawksley CDs... Ultimately that's pretty much what we did and it was sweet. My buds, my couch, sweet tunes and a roaring fire.

I'm glad I went tonight and just as glad that we left when we did. (I just hope we didn't miss something truly mind-blowing. If we did and you see us, just don't say anything. I keep thinking of the poor saps who bailed a few years ago before the Funk Brothers rocked the mainstage - I DON'T want to be those guys.)


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