Monday, July 31, 2006

In Sessions

The FULL Folk Fest Programme is now up - including sessions for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Use the tabs at the top to take a look at the schedules for each day and note that you have to use your browser's bottom scroll bar in order to see all of the stages for Saturday and Sunday.

I'm predicting that my highlights this year will be: Holmes Bros. Concert (Friday), Coolsville (Sat) and, obviously, "Joy to the World" (Sunday) aka the Gospel hour. It's really unfortunate (though more than likely deliberate to break up the crowds) that the Wailin' Jennys* play opposite the Gospel session. I will be torn and will be forced to make a "gametime decision" for Saturday's 4pm session - Coolsville or Gallagher Park Blues - a decision informed by the Holmes Bros concert on Friday and Lagbaja's performance on the mainstage on Saturday... Time to start planning, folks - it's only 10 sleeps away!

*I'll qualify this statement with the fact that somehow I always get The Waifs and the Wailin' Jennys mixed up in my memory - I know I really like one of them... If it's the Waifs, then this decision just got much easier!


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