Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mainstage Lineup Change

A message from our friends at the Fest:

"In order to accommodate patrons wishing to see Hawksley Workman without having to purchase a weekend pass, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival will be moving Hawksley’s spot from Saturday afternoon to Friday night. Slated to perform on main stage Friday night, Lágbájá will now replace Hawksley on the main stage Saturday afternoon. This Nigerian based entertainer will bring his faceless brew of African rhythms for his Edmonton debut."

I have no idea what the hell a "faceless brew" is - or why that's supposed to attract me to a show, but I'm more interested by the idea that they've rejigged the lineups to accommodate people who don't want to come to the whole thing... I thought the whole point of having a big name on one of the afternoon stages was to sell the weekend passes! Maybe the fact that the weekend passes are 90% sold out has convinced them that the weekend passes are going to sell no matter what they do. (Of course, I'd feel for the poor buggers who bought the weekend passes to see Hawksley before the change, except that they are in for a treat and they don't even know it yet!)


At 6:44 PM, Blogger T. said...

"Faceless brew" refers to the fact that Lagbaja always wears a mask to cover his face so that he represents the faceless masses who have suffered in his home country of Nigeria.

If you're into the spectrum of African music - he is a must see.


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